Standard Support

All of our hosting solutions carry standard support services which are available free of charge. These support services are handled by our knowledgeable and courteous staff on a regular basis in order to ensure a pleasant hosting experience for you and your business.

We will support the following aspects of our services at no extra charge:

  • Hardware repair or replacement within 24 hours (If deemed defective).
  • ActiveServe pre-installed operating system repair or replacement within 24 hours.
  • ActiveServe pre-installed software repair or replacement within 24 hours.
  • Account Management Interface support.
  • If the server becomes unusable or unstable because of software corruption we will perform an operating system restore and bring the server back to its initial state.
  • Data loss due to hard disk failure or corruption will result in system restore. THE DATA WILL NOT BE RECOVERED unless the customer has subscribed to an optional backup service (see add-on services for details).
  • Network connectivity from the customer’s server to our backbone providers.
  • Support for DNS management via our DNS Manager.

Standard Maintenance:

  • Network maintenance windows will be from 3:00AM to 5:00AM EDT.
  • Customers will be notified at least 72 hours prior to scheduled maintenance.
  • All customers are entitled to receive a free hardware review every 6 months.

We will NOT be responsible for the following:

  • Customer coding issues.
  • 3rd party software installed by the customer.
  • OS or software problems caused by bugs.
  • Virus or worm infections other than performing a system restore. Virus protection/removal is the customer’s responsibility.

Support Guidelines:

  • Online support is available 24x7x365 via email or the Account Management Interface.
  • Phone support is available 9AM to 8PM EDT, 5 days a week.
  • Standard support requests should be submitted via email or the Online Support Ticket System.
  • Billing related inquiries are handled from 10AM to 7PM EDT, Monday through Friday, via email or phone.
  • We will monitor power, bandwidth, and basic ping responses for all customer servers on an ongoing basis.
  • We will provide assistance in identifying and blocking DoS (Denial of Service) attacks.
  • We will notify our customers on a regular basis of any new patches that may apply, however we are not responsible for installing and maintaining the latest patches on their servers.
  • Hardware upgrades must be scheduled at least 48 hrs in advance and are subject to hardware availability.
  • When requesting support that requires our technicians to login to a server, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide updated login information.