Server Consolidation

Cloud Computing can help you reduce IT costs and complexity while you increase flexibility and control. The result: higher employee productivity, greater mobility and reduced dependence on PCs, laptops and other client hardware.

High-Availability Architecture

Every aspect of our architecture has been built with a “no-single-point-of-failure” design. Our goal is to deliver the latest compute and storage technology while achieving zero-downtime.

With ActiveServe Cloud Computing, you no longer have to worry about the capital expense, procurement, shipping, colocation, power, AC, installation or management of your hardware assets – we do that for you!

We currently support Microsoft Hyper-V and VMWare appliances!

Unlike other cloud providers, we do not remove your ability to administer your system and your data. Wherever you or your employees are, you can get to us. You manage your environment off of our environment and we provide the support that ensures the infrastructure is good to go.

Dynamic Infrastructure

For ActiveServe, cloud computing represents a true paradigm shift in the consumption and delivery of IT services. Built on the foundation of a dynamic infrastructure, ActiveServe cloud computing are workload-centric, offering sophisticated service management capability with new choices in IT service deployment.

ActiveServe Cloud Computing gives “anytime, anywhere” access to applications, information and resources. It enables thin clients or any other Internet-connected device to access platform-independent, hosted applications, and full client images… anytime, from any device through an internet-enabled browser. The ActiveServe Cloud Computing Platform delivers a resilient, efficient, standards-based IT infrastructure for almost any traditional desktop application.

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