Appliance Hosting

Total Hardware Independence

Our appliance hosting solutions are not tied to any specific hardware configuration or vendor. This allows us to provide the best of breed platforms while maintaining uninterrupted service. The benefit to you is that all of your critical systems reside in our state-of-the-art data center and are powered by the market leader in appliance hosting.

We currently support Microsoft Hyper-V and VMWare appliances!

A New Era is Here

The role of information technology is changing rapidly, and now forms an invisible layer that increasingly touches every aspect of our lives. Power grids, traffic control, healthcare, water supplies, food and energy, along with most of the world’s financial transactions, all now depend on information technology.

An emerging compute model—cloud computing—has evolved to address the explosive growth of Internet-connected devices, and to complement the increasing presence of technology in today’s world. Cloud computing focuses on the user, and offers highly efficient acquisition and delivery of IT and information services. Cloud computing is massively scalable, offers a superior user experience, and is characterized by new, Internet-driven economics.

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