Backup Services

Protecting ever-growing volumes of data doesn’t have to be a challenge. ActiveServe’s backup services provide an automated, end-to-end data protection solution that reduces recovery time with the speed and convenience of a secure, reliable backup system.

Protect data on distributed remote servers or robotic high-capacity tape libraries and remove the costs, challenges and risks associated with traditional backup and off-site storage methods.

For small, medium-sized businesses, and enterprises with remote locations, ActiveServe backup services are fully automated backup and recovery solutions that replaces complex, error-prone manual backup tasks with an automatic process that ensures easy, fast and reliable data recovery.

Reduce the risk of server data loss and downtime!

Available as a self-managed or fully-managed service, ActiveServe offers the following advantages:

  • Fully automated — Because it’s all hosted at our data center, ActiveServe provides speed and reliability in both backup and recovery operations with little or no IT intervention.
  • Continuous backup — With up to 96 recovery points daily, your recovery time can be as little as 15 minutes before the loss point.
  • Protection of open files and databases — Provides built-in support for open file and database backup without complex plug-ins or costly third-party tools.
  • Flexible retention periods — From 30 days to as long as seven years.
  • Greater control, lower workload — Remote servers get backed up with limited or no IT involvement, using the schedule and bandwidth limits set by administrators.
  • Access when and where you want it — Integrated Web Management Portal gives IT personnel point-and-click access to data—at any time, from anywhere there’s an Internet connection—for simplified backup and recovery.
  • Rapid recovery — Unique restore technology speeds recovery by automatically recovering only the data that has changed since your last backup.
  • Extremely high security — Data is encrypted at the source, in transit and in storage using 256-bit AES encryption with human-friendly encryption keys

Supported Platforms

Compatible operating systems and platforms include the following:

  • Microsoft® server platform
  • Linux™ operating system
  • Sun® Solaris™ operating system

When you choose ActiveServe, you ensure that your server data can be recovered reliably whenever needed, by reducing the burden of backup and by minimizing the potential for data lost between the last backup and a given disaster event.

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