Why ActiveServe?

Below are just a few of the many reasons to choose ActiveServe for your VOIP Phone System.

#1 Reason?
ActiveServe Increases your Bottom Line:

We’re providing a solution that will have your business saving money on phone lines and long distance fees.
Our hosted VOIP Phone System will let you run your company more efficiently.

Mobile is KeyMobility is key.

What if you weren’t tied to a physical office location? Our system allows you to work from home or even on the road, without your clients knowing the difference.  You can downsize or eliminate your office and in turn save thousands.

Better CoverageBetter coverage.

Route your calls based on business opportunities or employee hours. Why sit by the phone when you can be out closing deals? Setup a ring group with remote employees and forward unanswered calls to cell phones so you never skip a beat.

Visibility is Power
Visibility is power.

Keep an eye on your business at all times. See calls as they come in and make sure they are being handled properly. You can even monitor employees to make sure sales aren’t slipping through the cracks.

Unlimited Extensions:

Why pay for extensions that sit idle?
ActiveServe provides unlimited extensions at no additional charge. You only pay based on actual usage.

Dedicated, Not Shared:

Most platforms are “shared” making it difficult to guarantee quality of service. To make it worse, this also limits customization.
At ActiveServe , we provide a “dedicated” phone system which allows for a higher level of performance and customization.

Carrier Neutral:

Most hosted PBX solutions are tied to a specific VOIP provider’s long distance rate plans. We give you the freedom to choose an alternate VOIP provider.


Our platform was built on a cloud-based architecture for running mission-critical systems and applications.
Your hosted PBX leverages this innovative platform giving it the highest level of reliability and scalability.

Cisco. It just works:

Using sub-par brands leads to poor quality and functionality.
Our network is Cisco Powered from the routers and switches to the phone on your desk. Quality should never be compromised.

Whether you’re a techie or business owner, ActiveServe will tailor a Hosted VOIP Phone System to meet your needs…