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Why ActiveServe - Below are just some of the reasons to choose ActiveServe for your VOIP Phone System - Increases your Bottom Line - Unlimited Extensiosn - Dedicated, Not Shared - ActiveServe will tailor a Hosted VOIP Phone System to meet your needs... - Learn MoreA Hosted PBX offers huge advantages for companies, especially with offices in multiple locations:

  • All employees can access the full features of the phone system from any location: satellite offices and home workers with broadband connections are just as connected as the main office.
  • Slash support costs, as there is low overhead in setup and administration for any user, no matter what their physical location: everything is centrally managed.
  • Costs for interoffice calls are eliminated as VoIP enables no-cost calling between extensions.
  • Maintain a seamless experience for your clients when they call in as call transfers are transparent regardless of physical location.

Another benefit is improved support for traveling employees. Salespeople who are on the go have the option of using their laptop and a headset as a “soft phone” by connecting to a hotel network, they place and receive calls exactly as if they were in the office. Calls can also be forwarded to cell phones based on an employee’s availability.

The improved ease of management offered by a Hosted PBX is an important benefit for many companies. Instead of requiring costly technician visits for every change, hosted systems can be easily configured on the fly: a web-based control panel lets you manage call options, voicemail settings, the auto-attendant, and much more, helping you save money and time as you adjust to business opportunities.