Our Promise

Our Commitment to You

Above all else, ActiveServe believes its success is tied directly to your success. So we will work as hard, if not harder, than you would yourself to provide business continuity solutions that are proven, innovative, and cost-effective. Our solutions are always built around a comprehensive combination of hardware, software, bandwidth, and support; all priced at industry-leading levels. As well, we will ensure that you have access to technology professionals that are proactive specialists in communications, IT infrastructure, application hosting and more. This includes access to the ActiveServe senior management team at any stage or for any type of solution. Anything less simply isn’t acceptable – to you or to us.

In addition to this promise, we never stop working to stay at the top of our field by:

  • Identifying ways to innovate and improve the business continuity solutions market.
  • Focusing on Microsoft-based dedicated hosting services.
  • Treating our clients with courtesy, respect, and personal attention
  • Adding value and minimizing on-going costs by doing things right the first time and every time
  • Using only real rack-mount servers and server-grade components instead of OEM desktop PCs like some inferior providers often do.
  • Choosing only Intel processors – the leader for Microsoft Windows operating systems.
  • Never using inferior products as a way to cut costs.
  • Locating our Data Center in a stable, carrier-neutral facility
  • Maintaining a network that is built solely for the purpose of hosting servers and designed to deliver maximum speed, reliability and control.
  • Providing clients with critical tools to monitor and manage your servers.
  • Maintaining private ownership and operation so that the decision makers always come from an area of technology expertise… not an investor or businessperson who may be motivated to cut corners or do things “on the cheap” at the expense of our clients.