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Our Business is Your Business

ActiveServe Corporate Office Miami, FL

Founded in 2002, ActiveServe is the ideal provider of business continuity solutions for businesses with between 3 and 100 users in their operation. Our expertise allows us to deliver superior insight, support, and service on nearly every type of technology system including communications, IT infrastructure, application hosting, and a wide variety of other solutions for your business continuity needs.

In addition to the services themselves, ActiveServe also offers the unbeatable advantage of direct contact with our experts for design, decision, and implementation. In fact, we make a point of working hand in hand with business owners and/or IT managers to develop a custom business continuity blueprint… and we always make sure that technology never complicates the business side of things, and vice versa. That understanding, coupled with our specialized approach to business continuity is enough to make ActiveServe unique in the marketplace, but we are also proud to be the first and only provider that offers a business continuity certification program for small businesses in South Florida.